This Year’s “X Factor” Looks Awfully Complicated

1. The X Factor is back on Saturday. And there are going to be changes.


2. For a start, Sharon Osbourne is back as a judge, but that’s not even the half of it.

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

The press pack for the tenth series makes quite a fuss about the return of the closed audition rooms. Contestants will now have to to audition twice, first in front of the judges and then in front of an audience.

3. But that’s not the only change. This just sounds pointless and confusing. Have they not learned the lessons of The Voice?

4. Delightfully, Sharon is still making it all about her.

5. And she’s already absolving responsibility over her contestants.

Getty / David Livingstone

6. Louis is very happy to have Sharon back.

Getty / Danny E Martindale

7. But he still thinks Buble has the X Factor.

8. Gary still doesn’t quite understand ‘natural charisma’.

10. Nicole says she learned a new English word.

Getty / Ethan Miller

11. There will be an abundance of fun, laughter, tears, mischief and madness.

12. Please God no, Dermot.

13. Not even Dermot really believes this.

Getty / Ian Gavan

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