These Video Game Face Scans Are Hliariously Hideous

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1. Today the highly anticipated NBA 2K15 was released. This version of the game has a much anticipated “Face Scan” feature where users scan their faces and upload to customizable players. However, some of the results have been less than ideal…

2. Some were confusing.

AJ Maize @MixMasterMaize

Ronnie lied to us. #NBA2K15 #MyFaceMyFail #PS4share

4. Some looked like something out of Resident Evil.

Cutty @LilCutty

2K Face Scan not working bruh

6. Waaaay off.

Trill Withers @TylerIAm

My 2k #facescan didn't turn out bad either y'all doing it wrong

8. They are all beautiful in their own special way.

Rachel ✭ @RClovesherboys

People's NBA 2K15 face scans be looking like

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