The slap of slaps

14 responses to “The slap of slaps”

  1. houseoflearneddoctors says:

    By reading the palm line, I can tell this is going to bruise.

  2. kuriakos says:

    Extended thumb: Poor slapping form. You could injure yourself like that.

  3. megasaurusrex says:

    I see someone is celebrating Slapsgiving early this year!

  4. lykedisifucryeevrytyme says:

    I think you were touched by a death hand….

  5. charliesheena says:

    But, how is the persons hand??

  6. speedfreek04 says:

    What my willy looks like after donating so much time to the cure for breast cancer

  7. FIrestryke2 says:

    Or 5 people’s dicks…

  8. Woodchips says:

    It looks like an infrared picture

  9. DamnThatsAColdAssHonkey says:

    One slap to rule them all…

  10. kurosaur says:

    Nice tattoo, bro.

  11. DarthAegon says:

    No get that tattooed to retain your internet fame.

  12. forrext says:

    Touched by an angel

  13. TheLotusEater says:

    The Buddhas palm death slap.