The secrets you may find in books


13 responses to “The secrets you may find in books”

  1. markymarktwain says:

    bad news imgur, it’s the christian bible.

  2. Steelthyass says:

    What do you think

  3. TheFlyingPolack says:

    Built in porn!

  4. Idealbrandon says:

    Obviously witchcraft

  5. NotSoMuch says:

    Someone photoshop dickbutt onto the cover in the last few frames.

  6. JasonD says:

    would like to see a dickbutt version of this

  7. JasonD says:

    reversed, preferably

  8. doireallyneedaurl says:

    @FrancisAbernathy its a bible

  9. Carrow says:

    Imagine the secrets you could find if you read the damn things!

  10. MaliciousCuntWithoutAReason says:

    Because you’re an illiterate piece of shit?

  11. IFindManyThingsHilarious says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with you.

  12. DickTipPapercut says:

    I just don’t understand why people need to declare to the world that they understand a common reference. Worthless posts.