The geology of Guatemala City makes it sinkhole prone

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15 responses to “The geology of Guatemala City makes it sinkhole prone”

  1. SarduRalphus says:

    Put your dick in it.

  2. wombus says:

    I guess this is the geological representation of John F Kennedy.

  3. calmchowder says:

    googled this to prove it’s a hoax– because, common look at it– but nope, this is real life. and so I shall never go to Guatemala City.

  4. sugarshane says:

    I’m scared

  5. shezari says:

    from beneath it devours

  6. YouGotRedOnYou says:

    Has no one seen This Is The End?????? This comment isn’t that clever

  7. mgla says:

    10/10 would fall into while drunk

  8. attagirl says:

    These… These aren’t real. Right? Guys?

  9. Luther0811 says:

    No war of the worlds references? I don’t want to live on this planet any more.

  10. PaxEmpyrean says:

    Everything changed when the Earth Kingdom attacked.

  11. kevlarkate says:

    Guess whos not going ti Guatemala?

  12. 1HumanRace says:

    Yeah I bet, since you grew up looking up at your mom’s butt hole.

  13. JesusVEVO says:

    Lol you sounds like my geology prof

  14. Hoopler says:

    Put…put your dick in it.