The Finnish prison of Saramäki

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The Finnish prison of Saramäki

The prison of Saramäki, Turku Finland is somewhat new and modern, built in 2007. It is designed for 255, though it houses 329 on average.
Inside the walls works on average 200 persons, most but not all, are corrections officers, but there also works priest, health care professionals, teachers, social workers, cooks, library workers.

If the convict has a longer sentence he/she can study on welding & metal- and woodworking. Also it is possible to finish school or study courses from gymnasium (sort of pre-university) and it-courses.

Of course there are the normal AA/NA/Anger management groups.

The Saramäki prison is a closed facility, there are also open facilities where the prisoners only spends the nights, the days are used working or studying in the outside world in normal schools or companies.

The Finnish prison of Saramäki

The prrison is divided into sections of 6-18 cells. Each of the sections have common area. The common area is in free use of the convicts- The cell doors are closed from 10pm-6.30am. also they are closed on weekdays during the working hours. The convict can work on some of actions provided by the prison, these activities are book binding, metal/woodwork dept, or maintenance dept. If the person works, he gets paid, 0,70€ or 0,90€ per hour of work. On open facilities this pay is higher at 4,10 or 4,50€ per hour.

The Finnish prison of Saramäki

This is common youth dept's cell. To be noted: in finnish prison system youn offender in prison is older than 15 but younger than 20. There are special restrictions on young offenders, they serve at max 1/3 of the sentence, the rest is monitored home arrest or conditional freedom.

On the cell, radio & tv is provided by the facility. The convict is able to have own entertainment systems (xbox etc) provided those are pre-checked by the facility. If it isn't possible to open said device, it will not be given.

The Finnish prison of Saramäki

Similar to the other.

The Finnish prison of Saramäki

The Finnish prison of Saramäki

Convicts are able to make calls to outside, by buying a phone card. Or if they don't have sufficient funds, one will be granted to them. Phone calls are monitored and they have to inform the wardens to who they are calling to.

The Finnish prison of Saramäki

Yep, it is bread knife in the common area. How else would they be able to cut bread.
The convicts eat at the common area, so there is no centralized cafeteria.
On the common area there are also basic utensils as coffee maker, micro wave oven, fridge & freezer.

There is a canteen in the prison area from where the convicts can purchase candy, soft drinks, basic supplies (soap, razor blades, etc) tobacco and lighters. In essence, it is a mini mart. Only without alcohol. Also the monthly amount what they can use is capped at 140€.

The Finnish prison of Saramäki

There's is books & stuff in the library. duh.

Came across some interesting info…. Try to guess, on average, how much it costs a year in finnish prison for Finland (state)? On average, the cost is 64 000€ (or ~88 000$).

The price for the same year in an NY prison is on average 167 000$. (NYT).

The nationwide US average seems to be ~34 000$

The Finnish prison of Saramäki

The Finnish prison of Saramäki

These are the holding cells, where the incoming convict spends the first few days waiting for papers to be handled.

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  1. SileAnimusIIIIINotOnImgur says:

    So it’s a prison meant for re-rehabilitation? Damn, I wish the US had those.

  2. DavidAmazing says:

    Thats nicer than my house

  3. ummakynes says:

    Step 1 in better prisons: teach them something. Don’t let convicts dick around all day, help them be useful in society.

  4. InsanityBuildsCharacter says:

    all prisons have rehabilitation, it is one of the basic principles in nordic judicial system.

  5. loshea says:

    nicer than my apt.

  6. Idonthavealottosay says:

    Working in a prison is like being in prison

  7. SileAnimusIIIIINotOnImgur says:

    Lucky as heck.

  8. StonedAlpaca says:

    No wonder homeless people make it on purpose to go to jail during the rough winters. This is how all prisons should be. Finland <3

  9. JackBeak says:

    Sooo…how much is rent?

  10. InsanityBuildsCharacter says:

    It is surprisingly hard now to get to prison, short of killing somebody. Sentences under 2yrs are probationary, unless there are circs that

  11. JackBeak says:

    Sold….wait…do I have to pass a background check?

  12. blue1987 says:

    The US could stand to learn a lot from these countries.

  13. InsanityBuildsCharacter says:

    bologna is bad for you, raises cholesterol. but thankfully we have universal healthcare. even for the prisoners.

  14. PiTimesEisPie says:

    Do people not understand that there are different levels of prison in the United States? Lots of people bitching that the US should do (1/2)

  15. PiTimesEisPie says:

    something similar. They do, in minimum security prisons/Correctional Facilities. It depends on the nature of the crime they committed. (2/2)

  16. PiTimesEisPie says:

    Most US prisons ARE meant for rehabilitation. Halfway Houses/Correctional Facilities and even some minimum security prisons implement (1/2)