The 15 Silkiest Silky Anteaters Ever

1. “Aw, gee, your hand is so much stronger than I’ll ever be.”

2. “Taking a nap helps me get energized for the rest of my day, which I spend napping.”

3. “Oops, I’m just awful at peekaboo.”

4. “Don’t look at me! I’m hideous when I just wake up.”

5. “Ain’t nothin’ that beats being cozy!”

6. “Yes, you can pick me up for snugs!”

7. “Good morning! I left your newspaper on your porch so you wouldn’t have to walk too far to go get it.”

8. “Is it weird if I compliment your skin?”

9. “Maybe when I wake up that cute girl down the road will notice me…”

10. “Hello? Oh, hi, Mom. It’s just you.”

11. “Shhh! I’m so gonna win this game of hide-and-seek!”

12. “Branch, you’re my best friend.”

13. “Yeah, I’m giving you the silent treatment, but I’m sure I’ll give in soon.”

14. “Can’t believe I walked out of the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to my tail.”

15. “Cuddling a tree is, like, super difficult, but I think I pull it off really well.”

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