Sleepy English Bulldog Cuddles with His Owner (Video)

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Chase the English bulldog simply couldn’t resist sleep anymore. Wait for it… Thanks, Molly! Read more:


Real Life Fred Flintstone (Video)

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A 24-year-old man has been captured on police dashcam in Roseville, Michigan, trying to stop his pickup truck Fred Flintstone style – with his feet. He admitted or knew he had no brakes and decided to drive anyhow, honestly thinking it would actually be possible to break with his feet. No alcohol, no drugs, just […]


Dog Is Terrified of Low-Fat Lamb Jerky

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Dogs usually love beef jerky, but this is not beef jerky. When presented with low-fat lamb jerky, this five-month-old Labrador Retriever not only expresses his displeasure, but we’re detecting a bit of fear. In the video’s YouTube description, his owner says, “This is strange and yet hilarious, because this is a dog who will eat […]


Insane Moment A Man Runs Into A Burning House And Saves Another Man (Video)

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In cell phone footage¬†taken in Fresno, CA on Saturday morning, a house is completely engulfed in flames¬†and bystanders are screaming that there is still a man inside. Beth Lederach told the Fresno Bee that she began videotaping the crisis after driving by the fiery duplex and calling 911. She told the local paper, As I […]


Viral Video Recap: Memes of the Week

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The 2012 U.S. presidential election, fittingly dubbed the first meme election by some people, came to end this week when Americans re-elected Barack Obama. While his victory messages went viral across Facebook and Twitter, other candid moments and political parodies caught people’s attention on the web (watch the video). Never ones to stray away from […]