Stop Tweeting Instagram Links

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I CANNOT REMAIN SILENT ON THIS ISSUE ANY LONGER. Look. I don’t want to tell anyone how to live their lives or what to do. The internet should be a fun space where you get to do whatever you want. Post as many baby photos on Facebook as you want. Watch amputee porn. Write […]


WWE Looks to Build on Social Success With 1000th ‘Raw’ Episode

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Already a titan of the sports and entertainment social media space, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) says it’s ready to begin a new era of even more fan engagement and interactivity with the 1,000th episode of its signature program, Raw, on Monday night. The program will introduce the #RAWactive social initiative, incorporating platforms including Twitter, Tout, […]


Everybody’s Talking About Pop Music

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Hordes of tweens flock to Twitter in adoration of One Direction, but in reality, many artists don’t share the same level of online popularity. Serendip, a social media service, is redefining crowd surfing by allowing a listener to find and hear music, based on crowd curation. The website aims to unite listeners through music and […]