Fifty Cities In Michigan Sing It’s Always A Good Time Music Video

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STATUSCREATIVE teamed up with PureMichigan to produce a singalong music video featuring Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen’s latest hit single, Good Time. But Pure Michigan had a catch if they were going to help fund the project. They had to cover fifty Michigan cities in just one week. With the help of a Detroit made Chrysler […]


Miley Cyrus Covers Summertime Sadness On BBC Radio

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It’s not hard to go viral when you’re super pop star Miley Cyrus. The Wrecking Ball singer was recently hosted by BBC Radio 1 where she covered Lana Del Rey‘s melancholy single Summertime Sadness in their signature Live Lounge. In one day, the new music video has gone viral with over one million hits already!   Read more:


SNL: Odysseus and the Sirens (Video)

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Saturday Night Live host Christina Applegate stars as one of the Sirens and seduces Odysseus with 90s chick songs: via Saturday Night Live Read more:


Ben Folds Five Do It Anyways Music Video

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Ben Folds and his band, Ben Folds Five, teamed up with The Nerdist and Jim Henson’s Fraggles to collaborate over their latest music video.  From the much anticipated album THE SOUND OF THE LIFE OF THE MIND, Ben Folds Five and the Fraggles star in ‘DO IT ANYWAY,’ which has already been showcased on CinemaBlend, Examiner, LaughingSquid, Vulture, and CBSNew. […]


Dog Sings Along With Accordion

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The Internet has seen dogs sing along with music before, even with jazz. Now, Will’s dog Jessie is trending online for singing along with his accordion playing.  MrMeow98 posted the video, and now it is also featured on the YouTube animals and pets page, SayOMG, HuffPost, and UpRoxx.    Read more: