Scary Snowman Prank (Video)

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Freaky The Scary Snowman is a horrible horrible snowman person that likes to prank scare random people on the street. Sure it’s funny, but is it worth scaring the bejesus out of passersby for some cheap laughs? YES!:) P.S. Expect some swearing in the video: Not everybody sees the funny side of things: via Tastefully […]


Pranking People On Halloween Doesn’t Have To Be Scary. It Can Just Be Funny.

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To scare people on Halloween, most people rely on ghoulish decorations and demonic tricks. This guy, though, found a better way to freak people out. He would approach them on the street. Then…well, see for yourself: OO.ready(function() { OO.Player.create(‘ooyalaplayer’, ‘FzNmphcTp_EHws3hulEQmNRaOe8shzZN’, {‘autoplay’:true}); }); Please enable Javascript to watch this video So, this Halloween, don’t just fear […]