‘Delusional’ Hillary Clinton says businesses, corporations don’t create jobs

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http://twitter.com/#!/kesgardner/status/525771001066295297 Don’t tell anyone this, but there are some rumors in certain circles that Hillary Clinton might be considering a run for president in 2016. Speaking at an event in Massachusetts today, the former secretary of state seemed to be trying to head off possible competitor Elizabeth Warren by hijacking her line that it’s not corporations and […]


Carl Reiner trying to put Hillary Clinton in touch with an advertising pro

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http://twitter.com/#!/carlreiner/status/477224323296395265 Carl Reiner has proven that he’s a fan of President Obama, but now it seems he’d like to help Hillary on the PR side (he must have heard about the horrible financial struggles). Seen a few too many gaffes lately for your liking, Mr. Reiner? *** Related: #HillaryIsSoPoor: How poor is she? Read more: […]


CONFIRMED: Hillary Clinton ran ‘one of the worst campaigns in history’ (Why? The list is long)

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Hillary Clinton is now one of the leaders of The Resistance, but she only got there because of some severe missteps in the 2016 campaign: Study confirms what some voters already suspected: Hillary Clinton ran one of the worst campaigns in history pic.twitter.com/6Cd8oqZck0 — FOX & friends (@foxandfriends) March 10, 2017 And that’s just the […]