Carl Reiner trying to put Hillary Clinton in touch with an advertising pro

, , ,!/carlreiner/status/477224323296395265 Carl Reiner has proven that he’s a fan of President Obama, but now it seems he’d like to help Hillary on the PR side (he must have heard about the horrible financial struggles). Seen a few too many gaffes lately for your liking, Mr. Reiner? *** Related: #HillaryIsSoPoor: How poor is she? Read more: […]


CONFIRMED: Hillary Clinton ran ‘one of the worst campaigns in history’ (Why? The list is long)

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Hillary Clinton is now one of the leaders of The Resistance, but she only got there because of some severe missteps in the 2016 campaign: Study confirms what some voters already suspected: Hillary Clinton ran one of the worst campaigns in history — FOX & friends (@foxandfriends) March 10, 2017 And that’s just the […]