These Video Game Face Scans Are Hliariously Hideous

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1. Today the highly anticipated NBA 2K15 was released. This version of the game has a much anticipated “Face Scan” feature where users scan their faces and upload to customizable players. However, some of the results have been less than ideal… 2. Some were confusing. AJ Maize @MixMasterMaize Follow Ronnie lied to us. #NBA2K15 #MyFaceMyFail […]


Dog Sings Along With Accordion

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The Internet has seen dogs sing along with music before, even with jazz. Now, Will’s dog Jessie is trending online for singing along with his accordion playing.  MrMeow98 posted the video, and now it is also featured on the YouTube animals and pets page, SayOMG, HuffPost, and UpRoxx.    Read more:


Hufflepuff Are The Losers Of Hogwarts

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As most know by now, there are four houses in the magical school of Hogwarts. Students in Gryffindor are famous for their bravery. Ravenclaw are the brightest, and Slytherian are the most ambitious. But what about Hufflepuff? They just seem to be there. The video is being shard by TheUniBlog.   Read more: