Fishy Fishy – Gucci Gucci Spoof Music Video

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Kreayshawn is the Internet hipster rapper that went viral with her ridiculous song, Gucci Gucci. Kreayfish spoofed Kreayshawn and made the parody song Fishy Fishy, instead of Gucci Gucci. The best part is that Kreayfish has better flow and the spoof song is superior.   Read more:


10 Disappointing Facts About Pop Music

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We all know Americans, and really the whole Western World is obsessed with pop music. And even though it’s been proven that pop music is really all the same, people still just can’t get enough.  So just how obsessed is everyone? The Internet’s list professionals at All Time 10′s shows us in their latest video, 10 Disappointing Facts […]


This 5-Year-Old Will Teach You How To Write A Hip-Hop Song In 30 Seconds

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Young blood got mad street cred. 1. Jordan Bijan, a 5-year-old kid from Brampton, Ontario, gives you a step-by-step guide on how to successfully make a hip-hop song. Video available at: youtube / Via 2. Shots fired! View this image › youtube / Via Read more: