What Government Programs Did President Obama Spend His $162,074 Tax Dollars On?

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Using the WhiteHouse.gov tax receipt calculator and inputting his reported income tax bill of $162,074, you can see exactly where President Obama’s money went. Although I’m still wondering which “additional government programs” he funded with 7.9 percent of his taxes. Read more: http://upworthy.com/what-government-programs-did-president-obama-spend-his-162074-tax-dollars-on


Capitalism Is Dying. It’ll Probably Go To Hell. But Something A Lot Better Is Taking Its Place.

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If the economy is working well for you, congratulations! You’re among the lucky few who are served by capitalism. But if things go the way they have been for the last several decades — with poor people staying poor and a lot of others getting poorer — capitalism as we know it won’t last. Thankfully, […]