Mom Records As Kid Contemplates His Diet While On The Toilet

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At only 3.5 years old, DefinitiveBabySign‘s silly toddler is already understanding the effects of his diet on his bowel movements.  After a day of eating raisins, chocolate, cheese, apples, and more, he had a serious talk with himself while on to toilet. “I will never eat that much food again,” he said to himself without realizing […]


Married Couple Spends 48 Hours Handcuffed

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Many relationship counselors will recommend partners spend some time apart, but Mark Malkoff decided to go against all common sense and handcuff himself to his wife for 48 hours. As is natural in this day and age, they had their friend document the experience and uploaded this video to YouTube.    Read more:


Dog Sings Along With Accordion

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The Internet has seen dogs sing along with music before, even with jazz. Now, Will’s dog Jessie is trending online for singing along with his accordion playing.  MrMeow98 posted the video, and now it is also featured on the YouTube animals and pets page, SayOMG, HuffPost, and UpRoxx.    Read more: