The responses to Wasserman Schultz’s ‘fired up’ crowd pic will crack you up

, , ,!/nancynance/status/503919828957020161 What’s so funny? Oh, just this:!/DWStweets/status/503643057431273473 Oh, it “says” something! As Twitchy reported, Wasserman Schultz posted that photo right before a tweet also claiming that crowd was “fired up.” Isn’t she just precious? That howler of a claim slayed.!/golfmax13/status/503919276281974784 Aching. Sides!!/bosseone2/status/503918862857818113!/Dcoxboomer/status/503923758965325825!/Pray_4_Life/status/503924750071390208!/JeraldRowlett/status/503920637253935105!/KinCali1/status/503926406414209024 And an exit question for Liar […]


Another 10 Party Tricks You Will Always Win

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Back in the summer, Quirkology went viralviral with his 10 Bets You Will Never Lose video which currently stands with over 8.5 million views.  Now, the quirky YouTuber is back with another 10 bets you will always win. Just make sure you’re good friends first before tricking them. His sequel video is only one day old, and already has […]