Which Presidential Candidate Is Ruling the Email Election?

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Email may seem old-school when compared to this year’s digital election forerunners of Twitter and Facebook. But nonetheless, the inbox has still proved a crucial tool for this year’s presidential candidates, especially when it comes to crowdsourcing campaign funds. But inboxes, and their users alike, have grown accustomed to receiving a political pleas via email, […]


On Presidents Day, Obama honors his favorite commander-in-chief [Photoshop]

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http://twitter.com/#!/mrgoody_2_shoes/status/435515109075861506 That’s a good guess, but no, the narcissist-in-chief surprisingly didn’t tweet a photo of himself contemplating a portrait of George Washington in honor of Presidents Day. The White House did, however, tweet a photo of President Obama doing his thing, with the Lincoln Memorial visible in the distant background. http://twitter.com/#!/WhiteHouse/status/435466627908255744 OFA’s @BarackObama account seems […]