Woman Plays Catch With Elephant At Zoo

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The zoo is full of magic, and this woman experienced it first hand. In this video published by PETSAMI, a tourist at the zoo threw a ball to one of the elephants, and amazingly, the great mammal threw it back. The two ended up playing a couple rounds of catch.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2012/05/18/woman-plays-catch-with-elephant/


Comfort Dogs Are Being Flown Into Orlando To Help the Survivors Cope

Humans aren’t the only ones trying to do their part to help the victims ofthe mass shooting in Orlando. 1 Within hours of the news of the shooting,Chicago-based Lutheran Church Charities (LCC) K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry quickly made arrangements for 12 trained comfort dogs and handlers from all around the country to go to Florida. […]


Magician Takes the ‘Thumb Trick’ Up To Next Level Confusing

We all know that magic trick where your thumb “magically” disappears, but the magician in this video takes it up a notch and honestly, I’ve watched it a dozen times and still can’t figure it out. Vincent has been posting a short video every day for 100 days, and while they’re all impressive, it’s day […]