Magician Takes the ‘Thumb Trick’ Up To Next Level Confusing

We all know that magic trick where your thumb “magically” disappears, but the magician in this video takes it up a notch and honestly, I’ve watched it a dozen times and still can’t figure it out. Vincent has been posting a short video every day for 100 days, and while they’re all impressive, it’s day […]


Torque Starter (Video)

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Enra is back with another amazing performance. This time they combine live digital projection with diabolo juggling tricks via Gizmodo Read more:


40 Things Women Want to Hear, But Never Do

Do women have unrealistic expectations when it comes to communication in a relationship? I’m sure the answer to that depends on who you ask, but maybe the fact that a man’s response would most likely consist of a shrug, whereas my girlfriends and I could discuss the subject for about three and a half hours, […]


16 Popular Foreign Superstitions That Make Absolutely No Sense

Superstitions are for the most part, complete nonsense, but that doesn’t keep them from being very interesting. via: Blind Gossip Every culture has their own weird stories behindthese strange beliefs and trying to make sense of them can be kind of fun. Check out these superstitions taken from around the world and see just how […]


Heartbreakingly Beautiful: When This Book Lover Died, His Amazing Friends Buried Him In James Joyces Grave

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Youre going to want to break out the tissues for this, because its going to hit you right in the feels. Last month, tragedy hit a small town in northern New Jersey when 20-year-old Kellen Walker died in a car accident. The only thing Kellen loved more than spending time with his loved ones was […]