So I work at this Burger joint…

12 responses to “So I work at this Burger joint…”

  1. Rompy says:


  2. Rompy says:

    The burger looks good too.

  3. Sil3ntJJ says:

    I feel bad for that heart attack you will have in a few months.

  4. elweezle says:

    I would eat this over, and over, and over – again.

  5. ProphetTenebrae says:

    What’s this? A burger for Scooby Doo?

  6. Rahrhino says:

    reminds me of a girl I once knew

  7. SHAUNoftheSPACEDfuZZ says:

    Suddenly: Adam Richman walks in and eats half of the burger and calls it a day.

  8. fatalerror says:

    As a Canadian, it needs more bacon. I… am… so… hungry.

  9. TwiceUsedTampon says:

    I would make sweet love to that burger with my mouth

  10. poacher5 says:

    To the fatmobile!

  11. UCDdude says:

    Shhh Shhh listen. You hear that? It is the sound of your arteries slowly clogging… aka DELICIOUSNESS