Show The World Your Awesome Teenage Band

There’s nothing better than remembering the hilarious/perfect bands that many among us had as adolescents. Even if high school blew, you know your teenage band was the best thing ever. Sure, the melodramatic lyrics didn’t really rhyme, and OK, the songs were all based around power chords because anything more complex was too hard, but you still TOTALLY ROCKED. Post a picture of yourself as an underage shredder and the name of your band below!

2. Were you punk as fuck?

This is my friend Jamie’s high school punk band, Bitter Muse. Were you also this wonderful as a teenager?

3. Maybe you were in a JAM BAND. Trippy, bro!

If your band name was a reference to a Cream song, as with these awesome noodle-core shredders, please step forward.

4. Did you lay down some sizzling ska tracks?


No Such Luck looks like they get nasty on the horns.

5. Or perhaps you played VERY SERIOUS DEATH METAL.

These l’il guys are called RAPID FIRE.

6. Wait, were you a TEEN RAPPER? Please say yes.

7. Or maybe you were more of an angsty emo outfit.

Yes, this band’s name is Picture Me Broken. Can you top that teenage realness?

8. Perhaps you defied genre, unless, wait, is “wholly endearing and excellent on every level” a genre?

These guys were named Still Not Sexy, AKA the most teenage thing ever to call your band.

9. Whatever the case, please add to this celebration of teenage musical prowess. Can’t wait to see what a KEWL TEEN you were!!!

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