Roger Ebert tweets support for Rand Paul!/ebertchicago/status/309849731528531968

And yet another Chicago liberal stands with Sen. Rand Paul following his 13-hour filibuster.

Boom RT@ebertchicago: US drones taking out our civilians without benefit of a trial? I’m with Rand Paul on this one.

— Steve Cochran (@CochranShow) March 8, 2013

@ebertchicago The People should never live in fear of their government.

— Daniel Dobson (@D_Dobson) March 8, 2013

Liberals coming out in support of a politician with an (R) after his name? It’s happened a lot over the past two days, but it’s making people uncomfortable.

@ebertchicago you know no one in the administration has suggested they can, right?

— Jack Rivers (@jayhawkjack) March 8, 2013

@ebertchicago Filibuster was a nice stunt but he voted for #NDAA like all Senators.Where does he stand, really?

— Greg Mercer (@GregMercer1) March 8, 2013

@ebertchicago so you were ok if the drones were taking out “others’” civilians. Good job!

— emrah onur toprak (@ToprakEO) March 8, 2013

@ebertchicago That was NEVER implied. Rand Paul, who won’t go through a TSA pat-down, btw, used his point to stir hysteria & fear. Period.

— Morgan M. Hurley (@morganOPINES) March 8, 2013

By the way, that other Chicago liberal is John Cusack, who’d like his new followers to know he’s not a Hollywood liberal, technically speaking.

For cute trolls out there – a friendly attack tip I live in Chicago – so think up Midwest slurs – don’t spend much time in Hollywood at all

— John Cusack (@johncusack) March 8, 2013

Chicago limo – liberal-Great Lakes socialist – Saul anskynloving commie — those helpful ?…

— John Cusack (@johncusack) March 8, 2013

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