Poor things have been lied to all along!

16 responses to “Poor things have been lied to all along!”

  1. dbburning says:

    I thought those bracelets were to promote steroid use.

  2. elweezle says:

    i got nothing.

  3. gifittomebaby says:


  4. neverassumenormality says:

    This kills the lobster.

  5. closethemeatcurtains says:

    Don’t kill Larry!

  6. letscookjesse says:

    Didn’t help Neil Armstrong either…

  7. FlyboyGraphix says:

    I am pretty sure the wristband means you have been blood doping…

  8. kapsis21 says:

    As a vegetarian f**k you

  9. thelasttimelord says:

    I heard rumors of a movie series with Javier Bardem as Roland which doesn’t really sit well with me.

  10. SHAUNoftheSPACEDfuZZ says:


  11. SixPickUpStix says:

    they have no central nervous system; they feel no pain

  12. megasaurusrex says:

    Dudes, any recommendation on a good audio book to start on, I would gladly take a swing at it and report back! <3

  13. TheCrazyGranfer says:

    if you slice its head in half it wont make a noise

  14. InVerum says:

    My band recently wrote a DT themed song, these lines were close to mind.

  15. Justinicus says:

    No I do not. But I have to kill something to survive. Or at least be responsible for its death.

  16. GiuseppinaDannelly7 says:

    woww nice pic !!