Please don't do this at concerts.

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12 responses to “Please don't do this at concerts.”

  1. 5773onthewall says:


  2. citizenzero says:

    This sort of behavior is reserved specifically for movie theaters.

  3. Wolfsleigher says:

    but op…. how did you tak……nvm

  4. singingbananas says:

    If OP calls for this not to be done, how do we have a picture of this?

  5. iPretend says:

    This picture seems a tad hypocritical…

  6. hodorhodorhodorhodorhodorhodorhodorhodor says:

    This person just wants to be able to remember it, later. Also, 60 years from now when you are old? You’ll wish you did the same.

  7. xkr73 says:

    *Don’t complain when my pint-pot of piss hits your obnoxious obstacle

  8. StarryPlough says:

    These are the people I throw my almost-empty drinks at

  9. StarryPlough says:

    urgh just seen the top comment 🙁

  10. BlackJackDavey says:

    Great story bro

  11. hadakanogokiburi says:

    I sometimes forget how dickish y’all can be.

  12. assomeonewho says:

    How about taking a 10 second film of your favourite band you’ll probably never get to see again