Parents Are Freaking Out Because They Can’t Answer A 7-Year-Old Kid’s Exam Question

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Put your calculator away. This 7-year-oldkids math homework is baffling users on Twitter and its easy to see why when you hear the official answer on theteacher’s mark scheme.

Louise Bloxham tweeted her sons homework question to Michael Rosen, a professor of Children’s Literature at University of London, after being confused by the supposed correct answer.

So, whats your answer?

The majority of people on Twitter seemed to think the answer was 65.

The simplest way to answer the question is to work backwards. If you subtract the 17 people who got on the train from the final 63 people, you get 46 people. Then you add the original 19 who had got off, which gives you 65, right?

Apparently not. According to numerous tweets by Louise, who originally posted the question, the official mark scheme says the answer is 46. Yep.

Presumably, someone messed up the mark schemes. Either thator the 19 people who got off on the first stop have some serious explaining to do.

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