Oh Tumblr.

16 responses to “Oh Tumblr.”

  1. gabbleratchet says:

    And find it, too.

  2. Bluemarlinjoe says:

    Fruity Placenta Cheerios coming soon

  3. acinonyxjubatus says:

    Pollen would be closer to that… hay-fever anyone?

  4. YUMadTho says:


  5. ScienceM4n says:

    In elementary school my science project was to water plants with V8 juice to see if they grew better. I found mixed results..

  6. ScienceM4n says:

    Most likely due to my full attention being spent on watching Street Sharks!

  7. anditsGee says:

    teachers like that are why I never did well in geog…and I found it boring

  8. blackflower33 says:

    Its more like crushing their young and drinking its blood…. aaaaand i wish I’d never thought of that

  9. CyanideAsh says:


  10. ledfloyd13 says:

    More like liquified apple penis…yum

  11. sugatto says:

    I kid you not…. Once me and my brother got an egg from a chicken .. cooked it and fed parts of it to it. We were kids.

  12. ineedausernamerightmeow says:

    well given that some people in some regions of the world eat placenta, it kinda makes it okay…

  13. IBlueUp says:

    im 12 and wat is this

  14. JawnyJawn says:

    an apple is actually an ovary

  15. GlassCanon says:

    Your old geography teacher is a cannibal… and gross.

  16. GlassCanon says:

    NICE TRY old geography teacher!!