Now I know why I've had such an instant crush on Natalie Dormer

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16 responses to “Now I know why I've had such an instant crush on Natalie Dormer”

  1. OmegasParadox says:

    Well, OP?

  2. doctorlawyer says:

    margaery reminds me more of a cat…but ill allow it

  3. iKnowMostlyRandomFacts says:


  4. K1ngFiasco says:

    If he looked like that it’d be different.

  5. ridetheshoopuf says:

    I guess this “friend” of yours did though.

  6. XeMo says:

    Maybe you’re gay. Which is alright if that’s what feels natural.

  7. NormalNorman says:


  8. Tenla313 says:

    and you wonder why ISIS wants to kill you,

  9. WorkLurker says:



    Mother of god

  11. CharmingAndSexyGentlemanStarshipCaptain says:

    Seriously she need to wear those basketball uniform.

  12. ILoveRistay says:

    That has been bugging me for a couple years .. bow I know who she reminded me of!!!

  13. RagingIrishman says:

    Fucking furries.

  14. jixpit says:

    mmmmmmmmmm looks tasty 😀

  15. itsdarkandicantseewhatimtyping says:


  16. tdervish says:

    Sooo… I take it other people don’t define her smile as duckface. Don’t get me wrong, love the girl. But. DUCKFACE