New best friend

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20 responses to “New best friend”

  1. n0a4 says:

    New seatbelt*

  2. tokega says:

    *only friend

  3. OF37 says:

    I’m not half listening, you have my full attention

  4. SweetBabyJesus says:

    I think he’s wants to sit Shot Gun, you should let him.

  5. SlothLord says:

    “Wait you passed my house 2 minutes ago where are we going?”

  6. jacewindu says:

    What a great dog! We had a German once when I was a kid, and they’re such great dogs.

  7. whycanttheenglishlearntospeak says:

    He’s wondering why you’re taking a picture of him while driving…

  8. UserNamesAreTricky says:

    I thought he was missing his ear, I was a little sad for him. But then realized it’s still there, PHEW! Also, dem paws…

  9. KingOPancakes says:

    Hey dude, what’s goin on up here?

  10. JSGFretwork says:

    You’re going to really enjoy raising that lil pup.

  11. twisster76 says:

    Dog is your co-pilot.

  12. ImFruitdrink says:

    What happens when you “pull” the seat belt?

  13. GaRyBruFri says:

    First time we brought Bruno home, he vomited in between the car seats. We knew he was the perfect dog.

  14. jmeyers1983 says:

    They are, but only if you can give them enough attention/exercise. Sadly, I cannot so I have a lazier breed of dog.

  15. IveGotATheoryItCouldBeBunnies says:

    forever best friend

  16. digapony says:

    Did you take this picture while driving?!

  17. ToranagaTheShogun says:

    As a German, yes we are, obeying without questioning.

  18. hyznbrg says:


  19. babababirdbirdbird says:


  20. babababirdbirdbird says:

    My shepherd is the luckiest because i give her more attention than I do myself. She’s such a fantastic dog!