NC Thunder storms melted my tree.

15 responses to “NC Thunder storms melted my tree.”

  1. SchmidtyC says:


  2. YouCantHandleMyMidRiff says:

    Don’t worry about it. Pornhub is already on it.

  3. stigmawizard says:

    10/10 would roast marshmallows in that.

  4. flamecoloredskies says:

    The passage to Mordor

  5. YoureSoColdButYouFeelAlive says:

    Kinda like when your mom melted MY tree, OP

  6. Keleesi says:

    And apparently unleashed the gates of hell, because that’s definitely lava

  7. somethingsomethingcold says:

    Is that a sunset in the tree?

  8. MeatballSalad says:

    Knarly man

  9. OhSweetJesus says:

    You should see a doctor about that. I don’t think your wood should be burning.

  10. Dae2k4 says:

    Aliens. Aliens everywhere

  11. Canchocolatejustletmefinish says:

    TIL wood can melt.

  12. xZora says:

    No! The Great Deku Tree is bleeding 🙁

  13. Channel4NewsTeam says:

    Nice cover up, OP. we all know this is the entrance to the Fire World. Now tell us where it is.

  14. Sawnderz says:

    Holy bleep on a bleep sandwhich…