My uncle says this little guy follows him everywhere


18 responses to “My uncle says this little guy follows him everywhere”

  1. hailhyrule says:

    We both know he’s going to remove that ladder and let your uncle starve to death.

  2. mobiusm1 says:

    who the hell downvotes kittens?

  3. lisa4language says:

    No, no: he’s going to pull it out from under the uncle so he falls into the bed of the truck.

  4. Mrtvh says:

    “Feed me!!”

  5. TheDoctorAndHisTrustyTardis says:

    Hes a pussy magnet

  6. jeanralphiosaperstein says:

    Hang in there!

  7. ChairmanMeow says:

    Once when I was a kid, my dad left a ladder against the side of the house and I woke up to meowing at my 2nd floor bedroom window.

  8. DewreckingBall says:

    If only I had pussy following me everywhere.

  9. twothousandtimesfourpluseight says:

    La la la and the cats on the ladder and the silver spoon la la la

  10. EmmaItalia23 says:

    I had a black cat who did that. Even jumped into a creek to “save” me when I fell over. He is missed greatly.

  11. punderrated says:

    If that was mine I would have rung it’s neck, or extended a helping hand…probably the ladder.

  12. jknight257 says:

    If she was following me, I would totally ladder (let her)… oh forget it!

  13. Karimar says:

    precisely, he’s just following him up to better gauge the fall damage the human will take.

  14. vanillaseagull says:

    you made the right decision

  15. iusuallymakemynamebasedonwhatisee says:

    Did it…drown in said creek?

  16. EmmaItalia23 says:

    Wow, bad phrasing. No, he died a few years later, a stupid vet euthanized him before I got to say goodbye.

  17. berock says:

    He’s trying to knock the ladder over.