My homogeneous catdog blob.

17 responses to “My homogeneous catdog blob.”

  1. jeancasson says:


  2. DIsiahTBillingsClyde says:

    *heterogeneous, Mr. President.

  3. numbertenox says:

    Needs to be on a black and white couch….

  4. ferrealz says:

    Yes, I know this scientific word.

  5. vandezuma says:

    Cat: “Greetings and salutations. This is my canine servant.” Dog: *sniff* “hehe cat butt.”

  6. nofuxgiven says:

    Cat is plotting how to destroy you, dog, successfully becoming your best friend today, is plotting how to become your best friend tomorrow

  7. tjavierb says:

    Domesticated Centipede.

  8. punnypanther says:

    Oreo Cutie

  9. orshouldisaytails says:

    i love when cats have white chins, and they have to walk around all the time looking disenfranchised

  10. kanden56 says:

    +1 for the word homogeneous

  11. marvelsarah says:

    That’d be a great band name

  12. raoulduke25 says:

    I answered that in my comment below.

  13. DontTellMeYouCant says:

    Plus one for border collies and letting your animals on the couch. Animals are people too. They’re just furrier and more adorable.

  14. tardusmaximus says:

    I don’t think it’s READY to know, mannnnnn. Rage against the machine!

  15. andersonm says:

    excahyuuuuuse me, but we prefer “morphously altered”. ignorant people.

  16. prattleassassin says:

    I’m a cag: half cat, half dog –I’m my own worst enemy.

  17. AllieMadise14 says:

    really that ia a nicee photo !!