My friend just painted this Gengar for my birthday


16 responses to “My friend just painted this Gengar for my birthday”

  1. IwouldbecomeamanforFreddieHg says:

    aaaaaaaannnnnnnddd nightmares.

  2. Theimgursheisacruelmistress says:

    That DVD box set painted that? Impressive.

  3. PizzaPizzington says:

    can he paint me anna kendrick naked.. for science

  4. PreviouslyKnownAsiHaveAnExtremelyLargeUsernameSoThatiStandOut says:

    With that gift, I would consider him lucky.

  5. MakingUpAUsernameIsTerrifying says:

    Don’t wish for it to be real don’t wish for it to be real don’t wish for it to be real don’t wish for it to be real don’t

  6. retrohellix says:

    Not entirely relevant, but my birthday is 5 days away from Valentine’s day, and I never get double gifts 🙁

  7. Cobaltios says:


  8. BlazingLeaf says:

    Enter that in your pokedex.

  9. Hossinator says:

    My birthday is on Christmas, it sucks, trust me.

  10. ILikeAnimeAndKittens says:

    Marry him

  11. whatthebjork says:

    It does. Mine’s January 2nd and no one ever remembers (except my family because they have to…)

  12. letsgetlost says:

    You must be fun at parties.

  13. RambunctiousCrow says:

    who plays RPGs in 1st person, unless youre using guns?

  14. Turtleproof says:

    One does not “just” paint something like that.

  15. CowAndChickenAndChuckTesta says:

    no, thats a sappling. A Maokai sappling.

  16. swatz says:

    I read that as Ginger, and thought he was showing their aura/soul. I thought he had captured it well.