My first time posting on imgur

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20 responses to “My first time posting on imgur”

  1. coronalmassejection says:

    Well done Picard..

  2. ItsAustriaNotAustraliaYouMoron says:

    That’s how I start commenting. like this comment. “Well, where’s the E….where is the….you can’t escape, my friend….Ahhh there he is..”

  3. HolyShitZoom says:

    annnnnd, engage.

  4. kdf5005 says:

    aaaaand it’s gone.

  5. TyffiBoo says:

    perfect use of this gif!

  6. moxymox says:

    Never realized how much Picard looks like a fresh ball of Silly Putty.

  7. Nightley says:

    See, now you have a tragic topic for confession bear.

  8. theonsdickinabox says:

    seven thirty-seven down over ABQ

  9. VanByNight says:

    This had that caption the last time it was posted

  10. TheVirginBorn says:


  11. Engofono says:

    Number two also feels good.

  12. DonNeedNoStinkinUserName says:

    Is this some sort of introductory spam ? Do you work for the “5 servings a day” ppl ? Are you a banananana importer ? I must know !!

  13. DonNeedNoStinkinUserName says:

    Star trek – Compulsory UPVOTE Making it so now

  14. seemill says:

    Who happens to be my new favorite poster.

  15. soprettyburning says:


  16. MrPredator says:

    Don’t downvote the dwarves… or the cats.

  17. GBMaker says:

    Data really enjoyed having that emotion chip plugged in…

  18. IJoinedJustToUpvoteAPicture says:

    I freakin made it, yes

  19. JamesBluntThatSmartassCunt says:

    *mocks the computer’s beeping* Go fuck yourself.

  20. Joshmaaaaaaan says:

    Le facepalm.jpg