my favorite face swap


13 responses to “my favorite face swap”

  1. WhendoIgettopokepeopleinthebrain says:

    Dog/cat looks like a poodle. Cat/dog looks like something from out of my nightmares.

  2. therealishjohnnyblaze says:

    Just because it’s a new year doesn’t make this not a repost.

  3. IfmynameisDickdoesthatmakemeNSFW says:

    And reposted!

  4. sioraf says:

    The only episode where I almost peed myself laughing.

  5. Goojir says:

    wtf is this cat

  6. f16crewchief says:

    Someone needs to figure out how to breed something that looks like that.

  7. cleveremu says:

    Jesus Christ, what’s wrong with your cat? I can feel it staring into my soul.

  8. softcheese says:

    It’s this cat’s face. Not all are this terrifying.

  9. kokotalala says:

    They look like Dr. Seuss creatures

  10. azav says:

    First face swap I ever liked.

  11. OurLadyBabalon says:


  12. RedheadedGiggleButt says:

    I laughed before i even saw the swap.

  13. js057 says:

    That’s cat is fuckin creepy