Man Nearly Loses Leg After Being Bitten By Flesh-Eating Spider On Flight

Meet London man Jonathon Hogg; a businessman who works as a contract negotiator for a large telecoms company in New York.

So, you can imagine that Hogg has to travel on a consistent basis to many different countries. Well, during a flight from Qatar to South Africa that Hogg had to be on, he felt a sudden and sharp pain in his leg. Seeing a tiny spider crawling away, he thought nothing of it.

It turns out, he should have thought something of it. The spider that bit him is known as the Brown Recluse, a smaller spider that packs one hell of a punch; you see, the Brown Recluse releases a necrotizing agent when they bite. You guessed it, his leg began to die from the inside out! Three days after the initial bite and his leg had swollen to an unsustainable size, and burst open. The wound was full of puss and was mostly black, as he explained during an interview with the Mirror:

“They said had I been bitten on a vein I would be dead. Its necrotic venom which eats the flesh. The pain was like nothing Ive been through in my life. By the time I got to hospital my leg was bursting open, there was pus, it was black.”

The doctors explained just how lucky Hobbs is, because if he’d waited any longer they would have been forced to remove the leg entirely.

After the incident he sent the airliner (Qatar Airways) an email, explaining the situation. When they responded and it was clear to Hobbs that they didn’t even take time to read the message, responding with a basic “Sorry you saw a spider,” email, so he decided more drastic action was required. He’s now suing the airlines, but damn! Hopefully this sends a message out in more than one way. What do you think, should the airliner should be held accountable for not properly fumigating the plane (a common practice to keep this from happening in the first place), or is more of the blame on him for not seeking medical attention sooner? If you ask me, the response the airline company sent completely justifies his actions, as they offered nothing but an ‘oh well’.

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