Man From News Report Sounds Exactly Like The Pervert From Family Guy

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If there’s ever been an apt time to yell giggity giggity goo it’s right now.

Because some man, somewhere in the deep south of America has got EXACTLY the same voice as Herbert – the creepy, child molestory type from Family Guy. Bo giggity.

The man in question is Charles Womac, the owner of Hideaway Cove, a small swimming hole in Tennessee. The irony is almost too much. A man that sounds uncannily like Herbert, but who also hangs out around a swimming pool with loads of kids and even kind of looks like a younger version than him.

Close your eyes and check it out for yourself:

Mad, isn’t it.

I wonder if he’s ever seen the show or if he’s just living his life completely unaware that he sounds like a cartoon pedophile…

Someone needs to get round to his house with a box set and a pack of beers, pronto.

Image Credits: YouTube / BarfBlog

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