Life's an uphill climb…


15 responses to “Life's an uphill climb…”

  1. Abstractt says:

    This speaks to me

  2. Choward says:

    “We’re in a hole, we’re just going to have to dig our way out!” – Lloyd Christmas

  3. Jrau18 says:

    Looks more like he climbed the loop.

  4. moxymox says:

    Bart Simpson, don’t get fat face.

  5. loloveranddie says:

    Id say it works better

  6. CutOffHisManhoodAndFeedItToTheGoats says:

    *Life of pi

  7. thestepsonofsam says:

    All my life’s s circle, sunrise and sundown.

  8. PikaCheck says:

    Can we take a moment to talk about how this guy’s head is an onion?

  9. JT64 says:

    See this is why I rock climb

  10. voidukkha says:

    how quickly steeper? polynomially steeper or exponentially steeper?

  11. anujlal1 says:


  12. ePhantoMe says:

    Cliff Hanger

  13. Deadpo0l says:

    Time is a flat circle…

  14. CyberAkuma says:

    Uphill, both ways

  15. fulcrume says:

    TIL stick figures evolved from geckos

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