Lib outrage: Romney paid too MUCH in taxes; Reid, Biden hardest hit!/ExJon/status/249205697319931904

Information about Mitt Romney’s taxes was released today.

More Romney: effective tax rate for 2011 was 14.1 percent … he & his wife donated $4,020,772 to charity in 2011, nearly 30 pct of income

— Ed Henry (@edhenryTV) September 21, 2012

The Romneys gave 30 percent of their income to charity. Yes, charity. You know, the thing that does far more good than government bureaucracy ever could. They also paid a higher tax rate. Narrative destroyed!

Just in from Romney camp: In 2011, the Romneys paid $1,935,708 in taxes on $13,696,951 in mostly investment income ….

— Ed Henry (@edhenryTV) September 21, 2012

Romney gave 30% of his income last year to charity. Yes, he's clearly a greedy, selfish one-percenter who doesn't care about the poor.

— Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) September 21, 2012

Key fact, via non-partisan Big Four accounting firm: fed + state taxes + charity=38.5% of Romney's income last 20 yrs

— Dan McLaughlin (@baseballcrank) September 21, 2012

Left upset that Romney picked a HIGHER tax rate for himself? I thought he was a tax avoider or a tax cheat. Harry Reid to the white phone.

— Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) September 21, 2012

TRULY CHARITABLE!!!!!!!!!! Ann & Mitt Romney DONATED OVER $4 MILLION to CHARITY in 2011 … nearly •30% of their income• #tcot

— slone (@slone) September 21, 2012

Reminder: Romney gives a lot more to charity than just money

— Dan McLaughlin (@baseballcrank) September 21, 2012

Romney camp: The Romneys’ generous charitable donations in 2011 would have significantly reduced their tax obligation for the year.

— Zeke Miller (@ZekeJMiller) September 21, 2012

Showing once again that they are completely out of their minds, lefties are now outraged. That Romney paid too much. 

So apparently libs/marxist are now upset cause Romney donates too much money to charity! Seriously where do they come up with this crap!

— rcup1994 (@Rcup1994) September 21, 2012

Wait, Romney released his tax records and now people complain that he paid too much in taxes? Politics confuse me.

— Ben Maddox (@benwmaddox) September 21, 2012

That should work, or not. RT @guypbenson: New liberal argument: Romney paid *too much* in taxes because he gave so much to charity!!! #LOL

— EdHubbard (@EdHubbard) September 21, 2012

Make what you want of this, but the big picture should be his charitable contributions – a lot:

— Adam Henry (@viewofadam) September 21, 2012

Somehow we went from "Mitt Romney is a tax-dodging cheat!" to "That damn Mitt Romney paid too much in taxes!" in about 10 minutes.

— SunnyRight (@sunnyright) September 21, 2012

"Romney paid only 14.1% in taxes! He's evil!" – currently being said by lots of people who paid 0%.

— -ls/cm (@isfullofcrap) September 21, 2012

Unreal! Perhaps they are trying to divert attention from the embarrassments known as Joe Biden and Harry Reid. Remember, Senator Reid just repeated his disgusting and scurrilous accusations from the Senate floor: “For all we know, Mitt Romney could be one of those who paid no taxes.” You know, because some guy who knows this girl who is dating this other guy, told him.

RT @Chris_Moody: In 2007, Biden gave $995 to charity and Obama gave $240K. In 2011, Ryan gave $13K and Romney donated $4 million.

— ComfortablySmug (@ComfortablySmug) September 21, 2012

Mitt Romney gave more to charity in an average day this year than Joe Biden has given in over a decade combined.

— AG (@AG_Conservative) September 21, 2012

Attention @SenatorReid. RT @Goldfarb: From 1990 to 2009, Romneys paid an average effective tax rate of 20.20%

— Ellen Carmichael (@ellencarmichael) September 21, 2012

So over 44% of Romney's income in 2011 went to either taxes or charity. Anybody know what Harry Reid donated?

— David Jesse (@davidsjesse) September 21, 2012

Harry Reid's anonymous tax source (the Obama camp) unavailable for comment today after Romney proves he's paid TONS of taxes. #LyingScum

— Right Goods (@RightGoods) September 21, 2012

Shouldn't this LIAR @SenatorReid apologize to the Romney family for all the lies he spread regarding their Taxes? #tcot #RomneyRyan2012

— Bonnie (@BonShores) September 21, 2012

Accountants: What would Romney's effective tax rate be if he gave to charity the same % of income as Joe Biden?

— Byron York (@ByronYork) September 21, 2012


Romney leads by example and pays more taxes than legally required. Unlike Warren Buffett and Hollywood hypocrites who vote Obama. #tcot

— RB (@RBPundit) September 21, 2012

Romneys paid an average federal tax rate of 20.20%. Today, the average federal tax rate for Americans is 7.2%. Narrative: destroyed.

— Ellen Carmichael (@ellencarmichael) September 21, 2012

Yep. The result? Frothing and insane outrage. They are out of their minds, truly.

Update: CNN/MSNBC contributor Goldie Taylor is even more unhinged.


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