Jeremy Clarkson Assmebling Boxes Got Better Reviews Than Chris Evans’s Top Gear

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Love him or hate him, Jeremy Clarkson is good at his job and really get’s the viewer invested in what he’s doing… even it is just putting a box together in what’s basically an advert for DHL.

Meanwhile, Chris Evans can do something as cool as driving to the highest pub in Africa with a host of celebrities and still make you cringe every time we see what’s going on in the Jaguar even though it’s clearly the best car.

It doesn’t make any sense. TFI Friday was great and, you know, everyone likes Radio 2, right? So why, when we’re presented with the unrelenting tool that is Eddie Jordan, is Chris still the worst of the crop?

The second episode was definitely better than the first one, though. The Africa thing was pretty cool but the Mclaren section was weird. Not only did Evans humble-brag about owning the car (which is straight-up unclassy), he also introduced us to someone who’s seemingly a million times a better presenter than he is in the form of Jenson Button. Nice move.

Anyway, back to Clarkson. He’s got charisma. So when a video was uploaded to YouTube of him trying to assemble a DHL box, it was obviously going to be favoured by fans…

Honestly, the reviews are a lot better…

Poor Chris. Oh well. Let’s hope the other 56 hosts are better.

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