Ivory Soaps’ Most (Unintentionally) Homoerotic Ads

1. That bat…

Accompanying erotic copy:

“Ed saw with his mind’s eye not only the refreshing shower but a big cake [I’m sure] of Ivory Soap waiting to free his hot, chafing skin…”

2. Nothing like taking a bath with the boys…

3. …or getting hosed off together with 25 guys in a pen by some dude.

Accompanying erotic copy:

“Feel the delightful exhilaration following a brisk rub down.”

4. OK, how did no one pick up on everything that is going on in this picture?

Accompanying erotic copy:

“Not the least of the pleasures of hard game [mmmhmmm] is the bath that follows it.”

5. Seriously?!

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/briangalindo/ivory-soaps-most-unintentionally-homoerotic-ads

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