Interesting priorities


14 responses to “Interesting priorities”

  1. SenorSeniorSr says:

    Actually, it proves it. Irrationality and whatnot.

  2. idontgetsarcasm says:

    The way I drive directly reflects my beliefs. That’s why when I’m speeding you cars better part like the red sea.

  3. IwouldbecomeamanforFreddieHg says:

    yeah I read that as Erotic. That was a fun serious of thoughts.

  4. HungLikeAPony says:

    Are you fucking Maury?

  5. TheFunkyDrummer says:

    So remember that pole you guys wouldn’t touch stuff with? I wouldn’t touch this with it.

  6. Theimgursheisacruelmistress says:


  7. EggplantTatersauce says:

    Bad drivers make me so mad

  8. iReallyHopeThisNameWorksTheFirstTime says:

    —————————— Staying away from this.

  9. BananasEverywhere says:

    “Sometimes the Maury Meme is a bit of a stretch.” -George Washington

  10. spectrecular says:


  11. Ninnymuggins says:

    That’s because he don’t even have a license Lisa!

  12. j0ksta says:

    And this is why the term “pro-life” should not be used. Who isn’t “pro-life”? I mean, other than people who commit suicide.

  13. mrssugar says:

    Oh boy, here it comes…

  14. Babskies says: