In Canada, it's “squeeze” instead of “merge”

6 responses to “In Canada, it's “squeeze” instead of “merge””

  1. Zacflame says:

    Cars: “Hnnnng!”

  2. chemistrydoc says:

    Squeeze Aye?

  3. JesusVEVO says:

    It’s not sexual harassment if the sign told you to.

  4. ladyvuitton says:

    I noticed this a few days ago driving on the Gardiner in Toronto. Weird!

  5. zinvader says:

    “I don’t get why you’re mad babe! The sign said to, its the law!”

  6. copingcabana says:

    My wife (British) still giggles that in the US we say “YIELD.” Which is apparently a sexual thing in the UK.

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