I'll have to remember that one

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19 responses to “I'll have to remember that one”

  1. aDefenseless9yearOldGirl says:

    wtf is fanservice?

  2. tarataqa says:

    +1 for FAN SERVICE!

  3. GridCube says:

    >all the starks >main characters >i think not

  4. bobthejoe says:

    It only has one episode out so far, and it looks pretty stereotypical but fun

  5. bobthejoe says:

    I found it surprising enjoyable

  6. bobthejoe says:

    I found it surprising enjoyable

  7. bobthejoe says:

    I found it surprising enjoyable

  8. TheBasementNerd says:

    Random anime time? Yea, random anime time

  9. captaincheesecake says:

    Hey so what anime is this?

  10. ExoFox says:


  11. GridCube says:

    >implying you can’t even

  12. razokkull says:

    Aw, man. I really wanted this to be real.

  13. atrumunas says:

    Ga-Rei Zero

  14. LtVictor says:

    That main character has seem some shit. I remember this scene.

  15. GUNxSPECTRE says:

    I’m guessing the gifs are more appropriate to what the maker wanted to say than rather critiquing the actual show itself.

  16. exflashkick says:

    It has one episode out and the plot is bad? Also the main characters are clearly safe? Did you even watch the episode all the way through?

  17. dbx10 says:

    Lookie here, the otaku internet defense force arrived! Maybe i know these are troll subs meant as a statement about anime as a whole…

  18. dbx10 says:

    …and maybe the statement has nothing to do with the anime in question. Maybe it didn’t need to be literally accurate, you dunce.

  19. dodobirddonny says:

    I guess no one has heard the news…anime is terrible.