I too like my ipod a lot, Ron


10 responses to “I too like my ipod a lot, Ron”

  1. thefreelancer says:

    Now he can drink to any song he wishes http://media.giphy.com/media/lfmLzyIbqgCI0/giphy.gif

  2. Sturbinator says:

    Holy shit did I laugh at this last night.

  3. highasakite11 says:

    He just wants to listen to the smooth jazz of Duke Silver

  4. CharDeeMacDenis says:

    Thanks! 🙂 I want to buy the game!

  5. Bobski says:

    Dude! I want the game!!

  6. CharDeeMacDenis says:

    You need your own game pieces and mentally unstable friends though

  7. CEverett says:

    It’s silent, but his lips tell you he’s shouting.

  8. TheCanadaOfAmerica says:

    Maybe a little Kenny G

  9. mtnhunter26 says:

    these are the users I support daily..

  10. feyrband says:

    this is why network tv upsets me. thanks execs.