How I feel as a poor person during Christmas

17 responses to “How I feel as a poor person during Christmas”

  1. Wuz314159 says:

    As someone who doesn’t drive… How exactly?

  2. ihatekblads says:

    as in a gift card to a gas station

  3. ihatekblads says:

    well, after the male ejaculates there’s usually a little bit of semen left and when you pee, the little bit of cum, splits your stream

  4. Soundwinder says:

    So poor you make image macros with obvious watermarks.

  5. Orangutango says:

    I only sorta want to do this.

  6. Stevemandudeguy says:

    You’re giving it away, you already know if there’s money inside. Twat.

  7. Thewonderfulbusternubs says:

    I’m just happy someone remembered me. Also, what happened to the ings in feelings?

  8. cristyablade says:

    Spoiler: There isn’t.

  9. thechalange says:

    All my Christmases are held in front of a white backdrop. It’s more romantic that way.

  10. marylanddd says:

    next time you do a comparison pic like this, may i recommend having clothes on and not being high?

  11. CaviarMeths says:

    I’d wear her skin, if you lotion what I mean.

  12. Nagrenol says:

    like dis if u kry evere time -_-

  13. NexIuguolo says:

    That’s called racism, dear.

  14. magpie88 says:

    my grampa has it doewn to an art. just a picture of a snowy landscape on the front, the inside says, “merry christmas, love grampa”

  15. magpie88 says:

    accompanied with a 50 dollar check

  16. Banderman says:

    Somebody hijacked this pic from “123RF”. Naughty, naughty.

  17. tpm3746 says:

    I hope there is a promise of something to unwrap.