How can a woman satisfy 12 men at once?

15 responses to “How can a woman satisfy 12 men at once?”

  1. NutzJones says:

    I’m very impressed by her carrying skills

  2. ShamrockFury says:

    More like 4 men with nothing left to lose.

  3. ShamrockFury says:

    It’s a woman serving beer.

  4. Bluemarlinjoe says:

    She would be so hot after I drank all of those

  5. KissMyAnthia says:

    proper handy work

  6. CaptainAsshole says:


  7. Bindlestick says:

    Dat finger strength…

  8. CaptainButtbeard says:

    2 in the front, 2 in the back, 2 up above, 2 left, 2 right, 2 wankers?

  9. esmejones says:

    I bet that woman has forearms like Popeye.

  10. SophieJunglist says:

    Dat head.

  11. AlltheAnswers says:

    Massive thirst? She’s got what ales you.

  12. esmejones says:

    Oktoberfest. That should be obvious.

  13. YallMothafuckasNeedCheeses says:

    BOOM, roasted.

  14. rdb2011 says:

    Ask my mom….wait…

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