Her ears just started standing up today!!!


20 responses to “Her ears just started standing up today!!!”

  1. napsmear says:

    Well it is…..New Ears Day

  2. jarchy14 says:

    TIL your dog has rabbit ears

  3. DerBleistift says:

    Many things stand up when you hit puberty.

  4. RalphWaldoEmerson says:

    Well, happy new ears to you and your dog.

  5. WaitWuut says:


  6. ScarlettTart says:

    She looks so regal.

  7. nol3ody says:

    “I heard what you did last night.”

  8. chemistrydoc says:

    Restored to factory settings.

  9. IMMAGINGER says:

    is this the dog equivalent of balls dropping?

  10. green0fox says:

    Ridiculously long ears for extra cuteness.

  11. SenseiShido says:

    One day she will grow into those ears.

  12. Goat43 says:


  13. Benihana007 says:

    probably just heard the biscuit jar open

  14. Iazipakiaz says:


  15. AsAnAmericanFemale says:

    It’s all those ear-up exercises!

  16. TheRealDrMcCoy says:

    bunny dog!

  17. suswej says:

    I always pupvote.

  18. MadamImAdam says:

    Thank you for taking this picture from am angle that doesn’t showcase his dog penis

  19. JohannesLee says:

    This dog looks eerily like a rabbit