He cheats, but still comes in last


16 responses to “He cheats, but still comes in last”

  1. nopetraintofuckthatville says:

    Tubby won! Tubby won!

  2. Iwonderhowlongmyname says:


  3. FrankReshman says:

    “just not as fast.” Exactly my point.

  4. The1stCitizenOfTheInternet says:

    Or he could just far away and is using a zoom feature of some sort…

  5. roonmian says:

    It’s like chicken and egg in that situation.

  6. evilelvisisalive says:

    Takes one to know one 😛

  7. FrankReshman says:

    My point was that being overweight doesn’t help you run faster. And you even admitted that.

  8. FrankReshman says:

    Except if he’s that overweight, he wouldn’t be able to. I was a fatty mcfat fat as a child. Trust me.

  9. vikkedude says:

    Probably due to lack of activity and overconsumption.

  10. ElizabethPshin says:

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  11. vikkedude says:

    Looks more likely its due to not moving much in his spare time, at all. Kids who dont move have horrible body control.

  12. vikkedude says:

    To me it looks like its caused by having shit parents who overfeed him and doesnt do anything to make him move. Its horrible.

  13. vikkedude says:

    1 are you serious? Setting good eating habits and making them move is one of the most important things you can do for a kid, and you are

  14. vikkedude says:

    2 “let him be a kid” ? A kid who barely moves and doesnt learn how to will have big problems later in life, and the lack of movement doesnt

  15. vikkedude says:

    3 Only affect his body but also his brain and his capability for learning as this is one of the most important things to learn as a kid.

  16. vikkedude says:

    4 Teaching a kid how to eat is also really important to ensure he got good habits and doesnt get obese.