Have You Ever Wanted To Go Back And Time And Meet Your Parents? This Artist Did.

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Digital artist and graphic designer Danielle Delph creates surreal new worlds by blending images together. Sometimes, she uses other pieces of artwork melded together in a new way to create startling new images, such as in her “Organic” series, which uses illustrations from medical and botanical textbooks. For another project, she converted her medicine cabinet into a tiny apartment–and put it up for rent on Craigslist. 

An ongoing project of Delph’s is splicing photos of herself as a kid with photos of her mom as a kid of the same age. The series, called “If I Had Known My Mother Back Then,” explores the similarities and differences that Delph and her mother may have had if they were peers instead of growing up a generation apart. “After seeing myself in her childhood photos,” she concludes, “I’m pretty sure we would have been great friends.”

Have you ever wondered about meeting your parents back in time?

Would you be friends, or even like each other?

These photos make me wish it was possible…

The photos range from when Delph and her mother are toddlers through their teen years, and show them laughing with friends, strolling outside, dressed for Halloween and prom. The more modern photos have been edited to match the vintage tones of the older ones. In this part of the series, Delph has inserted herself into her mom’s world, and while some anachronisms can be spotted on close inspection (we see you, Starbucks cup!), they each appear to be genuine photographs from the mid 20th century. Looking closer, it’s fun to see what a difference a few decades can make in fashion!

A bonus picture of Danielle Delph and her mom actually together!

The photos are more than simply an interesting art project. They’re a testament to Delph’s admiration of her mother, and her appreciation of her mother’s character through the ages. 

You can keep up with her work on her site, as well as on Twitter and Facebook

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