Gorgeous comic about depression

11 responses to “Gorgeous comic about depression”

  1. YouOnlyUseBingToFindGoogle says:

    I feel the same way. People constantly say I need to spend more time out and that something is wrong with me but I just don’t enjoy parties

  2. ItsAlwaysTimeToDiddle says:

    God, do we need more “accurate descriptions of depression”? Fuck, I don’t care.

  3. echo87 says:

    Yes we’ve all seen that buzzfeed article

  4. mimblewimble says:

    that’s why the title says gorgeous comic about depression. Not gorgeous depression 🙂

  5. ginjninj says:

    Well the post is about depression, so you kinda did.

  6. shellshock3d says:

    Can you post the source please? It’s not really cool to post this without one.

  7. Xepsurah says:

    Hey, Fuck you anyways.

  8. Fudmaster says:

    Why does everybody on this site think they have depression? Fucking hell.

  9. TriangleDimes says:

    Alright then just go be alone. Learn how to communicate better with others, people around the world throughout history have done it.

  10. jasleiman says:

    Keep whining, I’m here for you.

  11. jasleiman says:

    Oh so sorry your dreams didn’t come true. Would you like some drugs to counteract the resultant normal human emotion of sadness?